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Some people oversee details. At Rhapsody, we believe details matter and that from them springs beauty. We hand pick a console for its peculiar hardware, a wooden chest for its traveled quality or a lampshade because of the patterned shadows created on the wall when light filters through its lace. And we get EX-CI-TED about these details!! They are the secret holders and the story tellers behind all the treasures we look forward to bringing back from our flea market and road trip adventures!

We think surrounding an event with beauty should be available to all of us within a wide range of budgets. And it is with that philosophy in mind that we choose to select our inventory and run our business. We make our prices transparent so that our clients can understand immediately upon browsing our website what type of setting they would be able to put together without having to send a lengthy email requesting a quote and wait for an answer, too often discouraging.

Rhapsody rentals exists because of our shared belief that event planning should be made easy. Creating is fun! Selecting your fantasy arrangement should be enjoyable and hassle free. We, Shawna and Caroline, met through a design program we had both chosen to pursue as a second career and from there decided on a business venture that would allow people’s dreams to materialize. Whether you are reading this because you are planning an intimate elopement with your loved one, a pop-up shop event for your company or celebrating a life changing occasion such as a wedding or baby shower, we want to make you happy. Decorating as we see it is all about setting the stage for people to feel something, connect with one another and magic to unravel. Decorating is 3D art with a tangible purpose.

If things are laid out properly for one to choose from, one shouldn’t necessarily need design flair to plan their event. If as a client you do not wish to pay a design consultant to plan out your event, you shouldn’t have to. Our collections page is designed to offer an array of options carefully hand-picked in advance so that you can confidently select items on your own but from a variety that will work together no matter the venue. As design lovers we embrace all styles of furnishings and provide choices ranging anywhere from country barn to contemporary and anything in between including bohemian, mid-century and urban industrial.

Our wish is for your wish to come true on the day of your event. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story. We hope you enjoy browsing our site.

Shawna and Caroline.