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Jacqueline Rivera LogoJacqueline Rivera

We can’t say enough good things about Jacqueline. Not only is she a sweet, kind person, she is professional and worked VERY hard, in incredible heat without a complaint. So impressive. It was important to us to find a photographer that could capture our inventory and collections and make them look amazing. Without a doubt, she accomplished that. If you like the photos on our website they are all her work. We couldn’t be happier with Jacqueline’s work. We highly recommend her!!!



Abe & AndrewAbe Deleon

Abe…..what can we say about Abe. He has been nothing short of a godsend for us. Not only has he helped us with the heavy lifting but he is our go to upholsterer. He reupholstered our Camille chairs, repainted & cleaned up our Louise chairs, reupholstered our Abraham sofa and chair (aptly named in honor of him and all of his hard work on them) as well as worked on several pieces of office furniture. We consider him part of the Rhapsody Rentals family. BTW….he is the one on the backseat of the tandem bike.


William Keck

A special round of applause goes to William for building our website and nursing us thru the process of adding all of the content. William was also a fellow student at Mesa College. We have watched him go from the talented guy that sat behind us in Residential Design class to an emerging talent in the Interior Design world. We got to know William while building scale models of coffee tables, drafting many a floorplan, learning Revit and AutoCad and thru many night and weekend text sessions supporting each other thru really tough projects. Needless to say we became friends. When we found out that he designed websites on the side, while attending school, we naturally went to him when it came time to build our website. We appreciate all of his time and patience more than he will ever know. We know we probably pushed him to the brink several times. After a successful year as the Interior Design Club president, William is off to an internship in New York. Although William has moved on from designing websites he does do portfolio design. Please check out his own exceptional portfolio at the link above.



RhapsodyRentals_business card_imageMartina Lo

We met Martina while taking Interior Design classes at Mesa College and were always amazed at how great her sketches were. When we were trying to figure out what we wanted on our business cards, Caroline came up with the idea to ask her to sketch of a collage of our items. We loved what she came up with so much that not only did we use it on our business cards we also used it throughout our website.



rhapsody-rentals-logo-transparencyWendy Ware

Wendy is the wonder that helped us come up with our logo. We were having the hardest time deciding what we wanted our logo to look like when we were lucky enough to come across some work that Wendy did. Voila! After a couple of conversations & emails she came up with exactly what we wanted. She was wonderful to work with and will most definitely use her on future projects as she is an amazing designer and calligrapher.